Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Room 2's Definition of Climate Change

Climate change is the effect of a chemical called CO2 filling the atmosphere and heating the earth. Changes in climates can mean temperatures rise, rainfall increases or drops, tropical storms or hurricanes can occur more frequently, sunlight hours change and more natural disasters can happen.  Climate change is currently caused by humans.  Humans have invented a lot of machines and technologies that emit large amounts of pollution.  Overall, climate change is bad for the environment and all living things will struggle to adapt.  

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Room 1s definition of climate change

Climate change is when countries around the world experience rapid changes to their usual weather patterns.  Climate change doesn't just include a drop or rise in temperature, it also includes changes in rainfall, wind patterns, sunlight hours and severe weather.  Examples of climates in certain countries are as follows: Egypt has a very hot, dry climate while Antarctica normally has a cold, dry climate with harsh conditions and storms.  Presently, climate change is occurring on Earth because of humans.  Technology, industry and development has caused a lot of pollution causing the Earth to heat up.  The Earth heating up has caused extremes in weather and climates, putting living things at risk.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Inquiry rotation - What is climate change? By Room 7

Climate change is when countries experience changes in their weather and climate conditions.  Climate includes temperature, the amount of rainfall, wind and the amount of sunlight a place usually gets.  If the temperature of Earth rises, the climate of many places can change.  Climate change can bring extreme and unpredictable weather.  For example, more frequent cyclones, hurricanes, tornados, droughts and ice storms.  

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Rm 6s definition of climate change

Climate change can happen naturally or can be caused by humans.  At this point and time, climate change is being caused by humans.  Climate change is a global issue and all countries in the world must work together to help prevent or reduce climate change.  The Earth is getting warmer and weather is becoming more extreme and unpredictable.  Climate change is the change in temperature, wind patterns, the occurrence of storms and flooding, hurricanes and droughts.  If humans don't put a stop to climate change, mother nature will make Earth a much harder, harsher place to live for humans, animals and plants. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Whole School Assembly

Hi Rm 3,
Our whole school assembly won't be on Friday 2nd August as I am still sick.  We will reschedule and let you know the new date...

Monday, July 29, 2019


WALT: Define globalisation                         WALT: Identify ways that we are connected
What is globalisation? Worldwide coming together of countries and cultures  The spread of ideas around the world  Countries affected by one another The spread of communities  The involvement in other countries and places in the world
How are we connected?
Technology  - email, viber, skype, text
Travel - aeroplanes, train, boat
Food - We have foods available to eat from lots of different cultures
Trade/sharing of goods
Materials/products - trade 
Arts and crafts - Trade 
Exchange languages, materials, services and goods
Exchange information
Room 3s Definition of Globalisation
Paragraph 1 - Globalisation is the worldwide coming together of countries.  It is when countries in the world interconnect. Countries work together, rely on each other and affect each other regularly. 
Paragraph 2 - Globalisation is the spread of ideas, thinking, cultures, products, food, goods, entertainment, materials, technology, business and trade.  Technology and development (such as communication and transport) has helped the world to come together more than ever before. 
Paragraph 3 - Globalisation is good because people are exposed to new things, they learn about other parts of the world and can benefit from trading resources.  However, globalisation can create huge amounts of pollution through travel by car, train, ship, plane or boat around the world.  
Paragraph 4 - We predict that globalisation is going to continue to increase in the future because we believe that communication and technology will continue to develop.      
List global issues and concerns 
Pollution and global warming - Climate change 
The spread of disease
Endangerment and extinction of animals
The depletion of natural resources


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Room 3's Whole School Assembly

Room 3s whole school assembly for 2019 will be on Friday the 2nd of August at 1.30pm in the hall.  Parents are welcome to attend.